Food and meals in Madrid

The city of Madrid is a hub for Spanish food and other cuisines from around the globe with a plethora of different tastes catering for all cravings! People of the capital live by the attitude of “Walk, Stop, Eat, Repeat” which can be observed in all neighborhoods of the city, meaning that whether it is locals or tourists, comida is on their mind! Continue reading “Food and meals in Madrid”

Top 5 in Madrid: Kaber

I moved to Madrid for a period of 2 months to complete my internship at Inhispania. This proved to be one of the most eye opening experiences I had ever been through. Both, the people I had the opportunity to meet as well as the charm of the city itself, combine to create a wonderful community feel throughout Spain’s capital city. Continue reading “Top 5 in Madrid: Kaber”

Top 5 in Madrid: Isabella

I began my year abroad in Madrid, and I have to say, it couldn’t have been a better place to start. I chose to work for two months in Inhispania, and explore Madrid in my spare time.  There was so much to do and the people were so welcoming that Madrid soon became a second home, and I´m sorry to leave it now, but I´m sure I´ll be back. Continue reading “Top 5 in Madrid: Isabella”

How to move around Madrid

Madrid may seem like a labyrinth when one first moves to the city, but transport across the city is way easier than you may think! The metro, the bus system and the bike paths contribute to one of the most reliable public transport networks in Europe. Continue reading “How to move around Madrid”