El Escorial, a Bit of Spanish Historical Heritage

What places can you visit near Madrid? Are you up to a one day trip?

Spain has a lot to offer, more than party, beaches, and a lovely weather. Moreover, Madrid hides some of the “crown jewels” that anyone who visits the region should discover. Today we want to tell you a bit more about Spanish heritage and, mostly, an amazing UNESCO’s World Heritage Site: El Escorial. Continue reading “El Escorial, a Bit of Spanish Historical Heritage”

Top 5 in Madrid: Debora

Our intern Debora is going back home, but before leaving she wanted to share with all of us her experience in Madrid. Let’s see the top 5 of her favourite places.

When I first came to Madrid I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t imagine to find a city that I would have liked that much. The truth is the more I live here, the less I’d like to leave. Continue reading “Top 5 in Madrid: Debora”

Five cafes in Madrid to study, work, and have a nice cup of coffee or tea

If you want to study or work after class in a chill out environment with a good and away from the heat of your place (unless you are lucky enough to have air conditioner), we have few recommendations for you.

These places are open throughout summer and some of them offer plenty of activities (even language exchanges!)  Check them out and let us know what you think about them! Continue reading “Five cafes in Madrid to study, work, and have a nice cup of coffee or tea”

Unusual places in Madrid: Templo de Debod

Our intern Gabrielle wrote this special piece before going back home. Find out how magical Madrid is with here impressions on Templo de Debod.

When I decided to practice my internship in Madrid, I automatically thought about the most touristy things to do in Madrid: visiting Retiro Park, having tapas every minute of the day and shopping at Gran Vía. Just like me, there are a lot of other people only thinking about the common things to visit when in Madrid, while there are so many other beautiful places to visit. Continue reading “Unusual places in Madrid: Templo de Debod”

Madrid through its neighborhoods: Malasaña

There is something in Madrid that you cannot find elsewhere. It might be its people, or its rhythm, or its history, or… well, we don’t know, but there is something that makes Madrid special, and it definitely has to do with its neighborhoods.

For the past few weeks we’ve been reviewing different areas downtown and, of course, Malasaña need to be there. Continue reading “Madrid through its neighborhoods: Malasaña”