Madrid through its neighborhoods: Sol

As you may know, Madrid is divided in several areas. In these areas there are plenty of things to do and see, and since it is a lot of information we are going to discuss one place at a time, we started last week with Lavapiés and today it’s time to talk about Sol.

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Madrid through its neighborhoods: Lavapiés

We want to bring you closer to Madrid, so you can discover its very own essence. That’s why we start this series of articles on neighborhoods in the city, so you learn where to go, what to find, and what to expect when you arrive here.

Lavapiés is, without any doubt, the most multicultural neighborhood of Madrid. Just like any other district downtown, you will find many traditional Spanish tapas bars (most of them pretty cheap though, even cheaper than in nearby neighborhoods). However, you will also run into many other types of cuisines (Indian, Chinese, Moroccan Lebanese, Senegalese, Ethiopian… you name it), and many other cultures than Spanish, all mixed in a way that the rhythm of the city changes in Lavapiés. Continue reading “Madrid through its neighborhoods: Lavapiés”

The keys to understand “el Carnaval”

So for the past few days you’ve might see people wearing funny costumes on the street. Well, Spaniards haven’t gone crazy: we’ve just got possessed by Carnival madness!

Carnival (carnaval in Spanish) is a very important tradition in Spain (as well as in so many other countries), though some regions are more prone to celebrate it than others. For example, Madrid has lost a bit of its Carnival spirit by reducing celebrations to few neighborhoods whilst regions on the north and south of the country keep this tradition even as a local holiday. Continue reading “The keys to understand “el Carnaval””

8 plans for a rainy day in Madrid

Madrid is quite unpredictable. Sometimes you don’t know if it’s going to rain or the sun will shine all day long.

For those rainy days, we bring you some alternatives to the staying-on-the-couch plan.

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