Christmas in Madrid!

You can truly celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Madrid and experience a wonderful time. During these holidays there is a lot going on in the city: Christmas markets, holiday lights, nativity scenes and the Three Kings Parade, Madrid offers it all!

The Holidays in Madrid start on the 22nd of December with the famous “El Gordo”. El Gordo is the Spanish Christmas Lottery and it is by far the biggest lottery draw in the country, everybody plays and the prizes are very big. This Spanish tradition is broadcasted live on the television.

In the different parts of Spain they have different traditions, but the most important days of the festivities are: December 24th, December 25th, December 31st and January 5th-6th.

December 24th: Christamas Eve

Families come all together to have a generous and nice dinner and afterwards young people go party.

 December 25th: Christamas 

People come together again for an extensive lunch, mostly containing fish, shellfish and some sweet products.

December 31st : New Year’s Eve

The 31st of December is called ‘Nochevieja’. Families come together to enjoy dinner and at midnight they eat the grapes. Everybody watch the TV where you can see a clock bell (the most famous one is in Puerta del Sol) which strokes 12 times (12 seconds). With every stroke, a grape is eagerly worked in the mouth, which guarantees happiness in the future. After midnight people go to parties and this can last until the early hours.

And this is not the end of the holidays because in Spain there is also a holiday called ‘Los Reyes Magos’ which can be translated as the Three Kings. People celebrate it with Christmas songs, festive lights and a festive procession, this last one on the 5th of January. The kings drive through the streets on horses or in festive cars and throw goodies to the children. That night, the children go to bed early the morning after find all the presents the kings left for them. The 6th of January is always a holiday so all the children can play with their new toys. The tipical food for this festivity is called the Roscón de Reyes (a round cake decorated with fruits).

Christmas markets close to Inhispania

In Madrid there are several Christmas markets (Mercados de Navidad in Spanish). You will find them all over the city and some of them are very close to our school. Christmas markets tend to open at around midday and normally close between 21:00 and 22:00. You will find the 3 best Christmas markets below:

1.The Plaza Mayor Christmas market.
With Christmas, Plaza Mayor becomes a huge market where you can find all types of Nativity Scenes figures and Christmas musical instrumentals. This year, this Christmas market is open from the 24th of December to the 31st of December and it is all free.

2. Plaza de Callao Christmas market.
Every year, Plaza Callao is a huge spectacle during Christmas. The local department store (El Corte de Inglés) installs a huge tree on the square, perfect for the ideal festive selfie! Here you can also shop for your Christmas decorations.

3. Mercadillo de la Plaza de Jacinto Benavente.
Just 300 meters from Sol you will find Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, at this square there is an annual craft market during Christmas. Here you will enjoy over 20 Christmas huts, Christmas decorations and beautifully handcrafted accessories.


Food And Meals in Madrid

The city of Madrid is a hub for Spanish food and other cuisines from around the globe with a plethora of different tastes catering for all cravings! People of the capital live by the attitude of “Walk, Stop, Eat, Repeat” which can be observed in all neighborhoods of the city, meaning that whether it is locals or tourists, comida is on their mind! Continue reading “Food And Meals in Madrid”

The best rooftop bars in Madrid

Here you have the five coolest rooftops in Madrid!


1. Círculo de Bellas Artes

If you only visit one rooftop during your time in Madrid, you´ll want to visit this one. It´s a 2 minute walk from Inhispania and well worth the queues around sunset (but we recommend you get there a bit earlier). Multiple bars, plus a decent restaurant, all at 56m above street level make up Madrid´s biggest, highest and most iconic rooftop, and for good reason.

Don’t miss the most spectacular view over Gran Via and the whole of the centre of Madrid!

2. The Hat

This charming little rooftop is quite different to most of the others. You´ll find yourself nestled between terracotta rooves and church spires as you sip on your tinto here. Situated just south of Plaza Mayor, and part of a “poshtel”, the queues can be a struggle for larger groups around sunset, but it´s well worth it for the relaxed atmosphere and cheap drinks.

If you’re looking for a more laidback summer evening vibe with a traditional Spanish vista then this is the one for you.

3. Gymage

This bar boasts a very different feel to most of the others. Massive retro loungers and a feature pool overlook this little square just off Gran Via. Certainly a party vibe, less relaxed than most, but if you´re looking for something with a livelier atmosphere then don’t miss this bustling bar.

4. Cibeles

No doubt you’ve already walked past this stunning building, once the Town Hall, on your explorations so far, but the roof terrace is certainly worth a visit of its own. With views which almost rival Bellas Artes’, Cibeles’s terrace offers a slightly more intimate but nonetheless impressive alternative.

The restaurant is pricy but perfect for that special occasion.

5. Mercado San Antón

Located less than 5 minutes from the school, and in the heart of Chueca, the roof terrace at Mercado San Antón is arguably one of the coolest. Atop the food market and with gorgeous views over colourful Chueca, you´ll find an eclectic mix of young Spanish professionals as well as families.

Grab an overpriced but nonetheless delicious pincho of tapas below, and then head up as the sun sets for a rather unforgettable vista.