logo-tapapiesThis October the event Tapapiés 2016 will be organized. This is the famous VI Multicultural Route and lots of Music at the district of Lavapiés. More than 90 bars and restaurant are presenting various culinary meals to surprise people with delicious Spanish food and the typical Spanish atmosphere.

As the markets of San Fernando and Anton Martin will also join the event, there will be served more than 110 tapas with tastes g19from all over the world and merged with the typical Spanish gastronomy. Each tapa only cost 1,50 Euro and for one Euro more the tapa will be accompanied by a glass of wine or a small beer of ´Estrella Damm´.

On the weekends of 21 to 23 and the weekends of 28 to 30 October, concerts will be taking place on thestreets of Lavapiés. The 30 national band are including rap,groove raw, Capella, Franch world music, swing, rock´n roll, reggae and this among other different music styles. The entertainment for everyone will be completed by animations, circus and street theater.
g56Not forget to mention, that the theater district of Lavapiés will offer discounts on their program from Monday 24 until Thursday 27 October 2016. Furthermore, thirty shops of the neighborhood will be launching bids for their products.

Like the previous years, a jury of journalists and representatives of the hospitality sector will select the three best tapas out of ten differentcompeting tapas.

For more information visit the website tapapies.com or download the app of Tapapiés.

Top 5 Madrid: Valentina

Si tuviera que elegir mis lugares favoritos de Madrid, sin duda serían estos 5, aunque más que lugares son “experiencias”:

1. Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida

La ermita de San Antonio de la Florida cerca del Manzanares, por sus maravillosos frescos de Goya y su tumba. Me relaja mucho sentarme en la ermita y quedarme allí a coValentinantemplar el arte en estado puro, además hay unos espejos en lugares tácticos para ver mejor los frescos y sacarse estupendas selfies. Y si a eso añades un buen pollo asado con ensalada en el histórico restaurante casa Mingo (justo al salir de la ermita) y un paseo por el parque Madrid Rio ya tienes una experiencia completa.

The beautiful church of San Antonio de la Florida with the tomb and frescos of Goya. It’s really amazing to contemplate the beautiful frescos of this church and then eat a very good chicken in the famous restaurant casa Mingo (close to the church). It’s also possible to visit the park of Madrid Rio. Frescos+chicken+park, an amazing afternoon!

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The Most Authentic Tacos in Madrid


To me, being in Madrid also means to experience the different cultures present in the city. One way to do this is through food! And this time we will talk about one of the most popular in the world; Mexican food! ‘’Taquería Mi Ciudad’’ with two locations, both in side streets of Calle del Arenal (Sol-Ópera) is definitely worth a visit if you are craving quick exotic food after class or before going to party. This ‘’taquería’’ was such a success that they decided to open another one at a different location. And if I still haven’t convinced you, ‘’Taqueria Mi Ciudad’’ received an official recognition by the Mexican Tourism Board for serving the most authentic Mexican food in Madrid!
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La Fugitiva


La fugitiva is a bookstore and café located between the neighbourhoods of Lavapiés and Huertas. The first time I entered this bookstore was out of curiosity and I’m happy I did. Later you’ll find out why. Firstly, I love La Fugitiva’s exterior and its transparency to the public. In other words, entering is not needed to see if you like the interior or not. But never mind! You will like this place regardless. Once inside La Fugitiva you’ll feel comfortable and as if you were at home.

Read a book in Spanish!
Check out La Fugitiva’s collection of books in Spanish. You’ll find works of great writers like Gabriel García Marquez but also books for children of all ages. So don’t worry about your Spanish level because there will definitely be something adequate for you to test and practice what you’ve been learning at Inhispania. They also have a collection of books in English starting from 4,50 Euros.
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Gluten-free products have been so popular lately and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it. However, many people still don’t really know what it means. So, first I will give you a brief introduction to this topic and secondly I will surprise you with a great recommendation in Madrid.

Celiac Disease
This unpleasant phenomenon is basically a disorder in which the body of one in 133 people negatively reacts to gluten. That’s more or less 24.000 people in Madrid who suffer from the celiac disease! For these people, the intake of gluten can cause symptoms like gas, diarrhoea, weight loss or gain, weakness, headaches, depression, abdominal pain and/or many more. But, what is gluten? Gluten is the protein which can be found in wheat and wheat relate grains like rye and oat. That sucks, because for celiacs, eating bocadillo de calamares, torrijas, napolitanas and many other Spanish delicacies is kind of impossible.
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