Why do the Madrileños call themselves “Gatos”?

You may have heard that people from Madrid are called Madrileños, but did you also know that they often refer to themselves as gatos (cats)?

The nickname dates back to centuries ago, when the Arabs occupied most of Spain, including Madrid. The capital had been held for over 200 years by the Moors, but in 1085, the Christians came down to take it back. In the middle of the night, a soldier scaled the outer walls of the city and changed the flag from Moor to Christian. The army below watched in awe as he climbed the vertical wall with the agility and poise of a cat. Hence why Madrilenians are known as gatos!

Though an alternative theory argues they´re called cats because people from Madrid love their nightlife, and stay out into the early hours, just like a cat.

Which do you prefer?